Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Butterfly style mid-century modern pool house:  I started with a basic frame. It looked a bit like a gas station at this point, and I wasn't optimistic. If I would have known how much time I'd end up putting into the project, I would have taken more care to get the pieces plum. ;)

I painted the roof and trim and taped off the front walk. 

To make a planter, I used three pieces of wood, one long and two short for the sides. I used "quick" dry glue to put it together.

A little more glue...
 ...and I placed it in the front between the windows.

We drink a lot of iced tea at our house, so after I brewed tea a couple of times, I saved the tea leaves, dried them out, and saved them to use as dirt or mulch.

I filled the planter with clear gel tacky glue, then sprinkled the tea leaves liberally on top. I added three little pink bushes. 

For the lawn, I painted the glue on the surface, and used diorama grass powder. I had that stuff everywhere!

For the tree, I drilled a small hole in the wood, added a dollop (and now I'm singing that annoying sour cream jingle in my head.) of clear glue, placed a little diorama tree in the hole, and then added tea leaves.

For the decorative screens, I used plastic canvas.

The sofa is made from painted pieces of balsa wood, and the pillow is craft foam. The planter is polymer clay with cut-off pins for legs. The real gem is the little dart-style boomerang table with hairpin legs that my daughter made for me. She is very good at extremely small stuff! Thank-you, Kenna. The light fixtures are sewing pins. 

I cut a small nail down, and inserted it into the bottom of a wood craft circle, gave it a coat of paint, and viola' -- a table. 

The slide was simple - a little rectangle of polymer clay twisted and a toothpick ladder. I made the lounge chairs with plastic canvas and craft foam. I used the same basic construction process for the dinette chairs. 

I cut single squares of plastic canvas.

I used the "quick" dry tacky glue to put them together. 

I cut tiny squares of craft foam for cushions.

I made things simple by using a Sharpie to give them some color.

Then I attached U shaped pieces to the bottom. 

I decided to do something productive like work out a bit while waiting for the not-so-quick quick dry glue to dry. At the rate glue dries, I should look like Charles Atlas by next year. 

Then I snipped off the center portion of the U to make four legs.

I used the smallest bead I had for a bowl, and little plastic pieces for glasses.

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